Horde - US Illidan

Please take some time to really answer the questions on our application. One word answers or an obvious lack of interest won't show favorably towards you getting a Trial-core raid spot with us. The more thought you put into answering our app questions, the more we get to know about you and your char and the more interested WE are in getting you on board for a trial. 

The serious part: Selfish people don't jive with us - If you're someone who logs on just for a raid, expects to get the epics and then logs out straight after, if you're a taker who never gives back, if you're someone who can't take a joke or constructive criticism about your performance, if you're a gossip or a trouble maker; chances are you will not get on well with the majority of our members. You're also expected to contribute in one way or another, either an hour or two spent doing heroics or M+  with your raid team members. Raiding and PVE aside, we're a pretty social bunch and you're expected to put in the effort and get to know people - shyness is accepted but anti-social behaviour isn't tolerated.

If you feel you'd fit into our ranks, have a mature outlook and can take a joke and give back just as well, we'd like to hear from you. Applications must be in written form. Every single one of our raiders got where they are by proceeding through this trial process and no one is deemed "special" enough to bypass. Regarding our application process:  If all you want to do is argue,  whine or request a "discord application," to get out of filling out this app, then please don't bother applying. 

Please Note: If you are accepted for a trial position with Shroud, you are expected to have attendance of 95% or more during your probationary period. Likewise you are also expected to be online on time for Raid invites and ready with your necessary Raid reagents. No shows without notice (or acceptable explanation thereafter) will mean automatic termination of your Trial period.

Fields marked with a * are required. 

Have you read our FAQ and are you aware of our Raiding requirements? These will be updated and aligned to BFA requirements.
We do not recruit females to the raid team.
Contact information - Toon and Server name and email address or Btag. You must supply at least ONE form of contact for your MAIN toon, preferably Btag. Or alternatively, add Fizzle (Kelty#3244 - Btag) to expedite your app process.
Character Name, Race, Class and Spec of the Toon you are applying on.
We're aiming for applicants with a HoA at a minimum of 38 and at least 395ilvl. This may change as progression is furthered.
If so, how many bosses have you seen on Mythic difficulty? What is your highest progression or achievement gained?
Have you raided Mythic content before. If so, when? Be descriptive. For example, You raided in Wrath but took a break, came back and raided Heroic in WoD and Mythic in Legion.
Be descriptive. Did you leave due to poor attendance, drama, did the guild disband or quit raiding or you just didn't fit in.
This pertains to the Toon you are applying on. For example: you're applying on a Balance druid - have you played Restoration, Guardian or Feral on the same toon also?
Do you know someone in the guild, have you heard of us through someone or you may have pugged with us or grouped with us in a M+
Yes or no.
Communication is vital.
Do you answer to anyone for your own time. Will your employer or parent or partner ever demand your time during a period when you would be raiding? This includes partner aggro or having to see to children or pets randomly during a raid (outside of an official break).
Please visit and search your name, linking us the best logs that reflect your Raid role.
Please visit RaiderIO, search for your character on the correct server and link us your page. This is especially important if you have ASCII characters in your name.
We would suggest a screenshot of your UI including frames OF the toon you are applying on. Try photobucket or IMGUR.
Lastly, for an idea of which recruiting tool works best for us - How did you hear we were recruiting? If you choose the 'Other' or 'Word of Mouth' option, please let us know who told you in the last field (Anything else you'd like to add) so we can give them kudos!
Anything else we need to know that may help your application process along?